The Opus 2 Difference

Opus 2 International is a premier litigation services company that is differentiated by its internal technical-innovation team and its world-class, international transcription services boutique.

By attracting experts in their respective crafts, Opus 2 International delivers a blend of service excellence and technical prowess that empowers our clients to perform at their absolute best - fully focused on the quality of the legal argument whilst having absolute confidence in the integrity of the record and evidence, in the completeness of their analysis, and in the efficiency of all resources.

Opus 2 lives by the following Core Values, and to inspire our teams on a daily basis, every company computer features the following images as its screensaver.

We are Client Centric

At Opus 2 International, we believe that our business is our client and that our client is our partner. As a result, we put our clients' needs at the center of everything we do. We are responsive and we listen carefully in order to build trust, a solid understanding our clients' goals, and lasting relationships.

We are Dynamic

If you have spent any time with our founder, you will have heard him say that "Opus 2 is a racing yacht -- not an oil tanker." This bedrock principle of Opus 2 enables our company to remain nimble and responsive to the market whilst so many other companies become hindered by their own internal bureaucracy. The Opus 2 culture is positive, fun, energetic and always striving to progress.

We follow Kaizen

As a company, Opus 2 strives for perfection in everything we do. For us, excellence is not a goal, it is an expectation. We are a high-end boutique firm comprised of high-quality specialists who are encouraged to develop themselves professionally and share their ideas for continuous improvement as a whole.

We are Passionate

As a company, Opus 2 is passionate about our people, our product, and our purpose, and we find that individual team members share that same passion. We consider ourselves to be a friendly team of professionals who deliver top-notch products and services of which we can all be proud. Receiving positive feedback from the clients we have served is the best reward for our passion and commitment to quality work.

We have Integrity

In a competitive business market, maintaining standards and values is extremely important to Opus 2. We act with absolute integrity in everything we do. This spans our unwavering honesty and respect for clients, competitors, partners and all others with whom we interact. Opus 2 employees maintain a positive and helpful attitude during even the toughest situations, which inspires trust among others.

We are Innovative & Entrepreneurial

Several of our core values, like this one, relate to the concept of constant improvement. Never one to rest on our laurels, our company is always exploring cutting-edge technologies, software advancements and progressive services to positively impact our clients and our markets. At Opus 2, we act. We don't just react. We repeatedly develop game-changing technologies which inspire paradigm shifts and new trends in the marketplace.

Other differentiators


A track record of success

Opus 2 International is led by an entrepreneurial legal professional who has had proven success delivering high-tech and user-friendly solutions to fellow legal professionals.

Continually enhanced to meet lawyers' needs

Opus 2 International's technical innovations are directly guided by input from lawyers and legal support professionals around the world.

Premier services delivered worldwide

Opus 2 International clients receive the absolute pinnacle of quality service no matter where in the world their cases take them.

Trusted for the cases of all sizes

Opus 2 International has been proven during landmark cases and is selected for high-profile and high-stakes matters as well as smaller cases.

Environmental and community support

Opus 2 International actively contributes to the conservation of natural resources by marketing tools that dramatically reduce the reliance upon paper and by financially supporting environmental protection charities.

Sophisticated tools built on the latest technology

Opus 2 Magnum fosters team collaboration within a secure, private cloud that is accessible anytime - anywhere, always the latest version, free of licensing and upgrade hassles and is an easy pass-through cost.