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Relativity Web

Relativity from kCura

Relativity is a platform that allows litigation support professionals, independent consultants, and third-party software providers to design, build, and integrate applications to extend its functionality. The Relativity Ecosystem includes best-in-breed integrations and highly customized products that were built by Relativity developer partners and the advice@kCura team. It allows users to pick and choose the solutions that best suit their unique workflows, integrating them to more easily and efficiently transfer data between software packages that serve different stages of the e-discovery process.

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Xera from iCONECT

iCONECT Development, LLC is a global market leader in developing innovative legal review software, services and programs that empower people to complete complex legal review projects more cost effectively. As early innovators of eDiscovery review software since 1999, and with the release of its revolutionary web-based, XERA eDiscovery Review Platform, iCONECT continues to raise the bar for advancements in developing intelligent, easy to use tools that help hosting providers, law firms, corporations and government agencies worldwide optimize workflows and manage big data more efficiently.

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Channel Partners


BB Trial Support Pte Ltd

("BBTS") is a Singapore company that provides Opus 2 Magnum support services to law firms in Singapore. BBTS consultants have many years of experience working with Singapore dispute lawyers, and have worked alongside Opus 2 to successfully implement the full suite of Opus 2's services in Singapore. BBTS is headed by Serena Lim, who founded two leading legal technology and eDiscovery companies in Singapore.


Courtroom Sciences, Inc.

For 25 years, Courtroom Sciences, Inc. (CSI) has been America's premier full-service litigation support company focusing on deposition services, records retrieval, presentation technology and trial and settlement sciences. CSI maintains a wide-ranging and diverse client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, insurance companies, law firms, and individuals. Through extensive use of web-based and other technologies, CSI meets the needs of clients while leaning on extensive and invaluable experience in major litigation across America.


NextGen Reporting

NextGen Reporting is a leading deposition service provider with a proven approach to reducing litigation costs. From global AmLaw to specialty boutiques, law firms of all sizes trust NextGen for court reporting, videography, remote video and trial services. Their exclusive LegalView service enables attorneys, claims professionals and corporate clients to seamlessly view or participate in depositions and trials. The NextGen team coordinates the logistics from scheduling through final delivery of the transcripts, exhibits and video.

Trial Vault

Trial Vault LLC

With 20+ years of experience, Trial Vault excels in litigation consulting, implementation and management of automated legal technologies, modalities and work flow, tailored to the specific needs of your litigation. We liaise with all vendors to work within the chosen technologies as a single point of contact for all information and document flow. Together, with our technology partners, we provide cloud-based collaborative solutions to take litigators and their teams from document review, to deposition preparation, and to trial.



Z-Axis is a consulting firm specializing in visual communication strategy and legal presentation development for hearings, trials and arbitrations. Since 1983, Z-Axis has helped clients visually see the issues of their case and present their arguments by providing timelines, graphics, 3D, interactive and virtual animations and models and using custom technology to present their case. Recognized for our work in commercial, insurance, oil and gas, energy, aviation, engineering, construction, and international arbitration, Z-Axis collaborates with legal teams on high-profile disputes world-wide.