The Modern Data
Room for 21st
Century M&A

Blazing a new trail rather than
just building a better mouse trap

The virtual data room of the future has arrived

True technical breakthroughs forge an entirely new model of behavior rather than merely updating an old paradigm. Think wifi for immediate answers. Think Amazon® for shopping. Think Forum for M&A.

Opus 2 Forum is fast, nimble and engages all parties

Opus 2 Forum redefines how sensitive information is accessed, reviewed and shared during 21st century transactions, streamlining due diligence and giving sellers unprecedented confidence throughout the process.

While traditional VDRs are sluggish and circumvented by their users, Opus 2 Forum is fast, nimble and engages all parties. Our blend of cutting-edge software and state-of-the-art infrastructure removes the document-loading delays and plug-in obstacles that plague other VDRs, and our infusion of industry-tested collaborative tools fuels a richer experience for sellers and buyers. This is the new model of virtual data room technology.

Opus 2 Forum highlights

Discrete viewing & access control tools

Control which materials and tools are available to your Forum users. Each party within your Forum is assigned its own private Buyer Meeting Room which offers a discrete view of the seller’s files.

Audit activity & generate dynamic reports

Log the complete history of activity in the system. Bespoke audits enable sellers to instantly view activity on specific documents, pages, parties, users and date ranges, choosing to view the raw data or to generate graphical reports using state-of-the-art tools.

Manage updates & phased diligence exercises

Forum keeps all buyers in sync with changes to the document set. Once your Forum is live, Seller Admins may curate updates to the document set to execute multiple rounds of diligence, to respond to requests from the parties, to correct errors, etc.

Easy navigation across the user-friendly environment

Content is organized in an intuitive manner by default. Users can expand and collapse folders to drill down into files, or they may flip their view to list the names of files organized by tag.

An intuitive Q&A panel simplifies communications

The clean and simple Q&A tool enables sellers to easily monitor and manage the workflow of the Q&A process so as to eliminate delays in progressing the deal.

Buyers & sellers may create private & shared annotations

Opus 2 Forum gives users a richer review experience. Each Buyer Meeting Room is furnished with our digital version of highlighters, sticky notes, paper clips, file folders and whiteboards.

Simple self-service setup

Sellers may add content to their private Forum as soon as it is activated by Opus 2. The Forum is specific to one transaction and hosts a single set of documents uploaded by the seller. Simply drag and drop entire folder structures or upload individual files to the Forum. Properly formatted files are automatically OCR'd upon upload.

Manage workflow

Intuitive admin tools enable the seller to fine-tune the folder structure and workflows for the transaction, establish links between related documents, and configure Q&A protocols and report templates.

Full services are optional

Opus 2 also offers Turnkey Forums that are setup on your behalf. Opus 2 converts and standardizes file formats for optimal use in the system, manages the upload and organization process, and delivers auxiliary services such as document scanning, translation, printing, and our Assisted Transaction Document Preparation service.

Having already transformed litigation and arbitration practices around the world with our game-changing, cloud-based technology, Opus 2's cutting-edge Forum VDR has arrived to modernize M&A. Choose between self-service and turnkey data rooms.

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Speed, performance & simplicity

Despite most traditional VDRs claiming to be the safest, fastest and easiest deal room, their users remain dissatisfied and frustrated by ineffective, non-essential features. That's why Opus 2 Forum is blazing a new trail rather than just building a better mouse trap.

Forum is the only modern deal room achieving the speed, performance and ease of use that are the hallmarks of the mobile era.

Instant view technology

Opus 2 Forum leverages the most advanced image generation engine to display documents far quicker than traditional VDRs. Our revolutionary approach is quite simple, yet incredibly impactful. Whether the selected document is 2 or 200 pages in length, Opus 2 Forum generates a preview of every page while loading the entire document as a background process, thus enabling users to instantly scroll through sequential pages. And every Forum VDR is backed by ample RAM and cores to ensure all documents are displayed for users quickly. Ingenious.

Multiple, complete documents can be open concurrently, enabling simultaneous review of multiple files. Each page renders as a perfectly readable image and is immediately and automatically adjusted to optimize the user's own screen settings. So, documents reviewed on a large format display are equally clear and sharp as documents reviewed on a tablet device.

This sophisticated Instant View Technology, coupled with the use of HTML5, leads to document loading speeds of up to three times faster than other deal rooms.

Cutting-edge software with zero plug-ins

How many times have your prospective buyers complained because they are prompted to install a plug-in on their device when trying to view the documents you've provided? Plug-ins cause system crashes, performance lag and they require ongoing maintenance, which is why many corporate IT departments prevent plug-ins from being installed at all. This disrupts the due diligence process and drives your prospective buyers to extract sensitive documents from the deal room you've provided -- a huge security risk!

Opus 2 Forum does not need plug-ins and offers a seamless experience to every prospective buyer, regardless of their device, mobile operating system and preferred web browser. Documents load quickly and users are able to review multimedia files you have provided -- all without installing anything. In slightly more technical terms, Opus 2 Forum is built using the absolute latest HTML5 framework, thus resolving the compatibility issues that compromise traditional web-based software and positioning Forum to easily adapt as technology evolves.

Industry-tested collaborative tools

Opus 2 creates simple tools vetted by venture capital and litigation professionals from around the world. Our Forum platform was created by the developers of the world's leading legal collaboration technology which went on to win the LegalTech News 'Best Collaborative Tool' award in 2015 and the International Legal Technology Association's 'Most Innovative Solution Provider' award in 2014.

Mimics how teams work with paper

Our collaborative tools present a digital environment that mimics how professionals work on paper. Users can make notes for themselves, hyperlink between documents, share ideas with fellow users, organize content according to their own preferences, task individuals, and monitor progress.

Enables teams to manage workflows

Seller representatives may develop private conversation threads on the document set to plan updates or to log pertinent observations about the diligence activity. Likewise, bidding teams may organize and tag the documents according to their evaluation methodology and create virtual margin notes on any document. Those notes may remain private to the individual or they may be shared with other members of the bidding team.

The one VDR teams truly want to use

This highly collaborative, yet simple, environment further encourages prospective buyers to work in your Forum instead of looking for ways around it. Further, buyers are better informed and more efficient, which accelerates the diligence process.

Tested, reliable, secure and trusted. Full stop.

Countless companies (including Opus 2) can cite security measures on par with online banking, but few companies have our same background securing the confidential legal documentation from those same financial institutions and government departments – let alone our experience managing the incredibly sensitive evidence from their private arbitrations.

State-of-the-art infrastructure & security

Opus 2 Forum's cloud estate is comprised of the leading open cloud platform and operating system. By building Opus 2 platforms on Ubuntu® OpenStack, Forum delivers the world's most stable and manageable cloud VDR and continually innovates for the benefit of our clients.

Opus 2 exclusively partners with the top data centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and other jurisdictions. All of our data centers are equipped with state-of-the-art cyber security and facility security and follow conservative protocols for redundancy and backups. Our data center partners deliver a minimum uptime of 99.982% availability (Tier 3) and have been issued an SSAE 16 Type 1 or SSAE 16 Type 2 report subsequent to a valid third party audit.

Opus 2 software offers multi-factor authentication to further secure every Forum VDR. In addition to unique usernames, passwords and memorable words, Opus 2 Forum users define an additional factor that will be needed to log in to the system every time.

Sellers may issue tiered system permissions based on clearance levels and roles to control which tools, folders and documents are accessible to each user.

Each, transaction-specific Forum includes an unlimited quantity of individual Buyer Meeting Rooms in which each buyer can conduct private team workflow and discussions (annotations).

Each Buyer Meeting Room resides in a separate software layer to maintain absolute confidentiality between teams.

Opus 2 Forum uses end-to-end document encryption via SSL to secure every document as it is loaded for the user. This encryption is configured for optimal performance and loading speed.

The printing and downloading of all or selected documents from the VDR can be deactivated by administrators, and personalized watermarks provide a trail back to the source of leaked files.

Unparalleled customer support

While Opus 2 Forum is designed for self-sufficiency among sellers and buyers from beginning to end, our team of professionals remains on call to assist you when the need arises, 24/7. Service excellence is a core value of Opus 2 and our teams are repeatedly acknowledged for their quality, professionalism and responsiveness.

Transparent pricing with no hidden costs

Opus 2 Forum features competitive rates calculated by the duration and size of the Forum, plus a one-time activation charge. Each Forum supports unlimited users, all software updates are included and the infrastructure maintenance is handled for you.

The most-widely compatible VDR on the market

Opus 2 Forum is built on the HTML5 framework, yielding optimal compatibility across the board. All users may log in from any modern, connected device and browser. No software or plug-ins need to be installed ever.

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