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Discover how the Opus 2 culture, expertise and track
record have shaped the company's delivery of advanced,
quality support for high court hearings,
arbitrations, US depositions and government inquiries.
Opus 2 Magnum software arbitrations and depositions
Our team consistently exceeds client expectations
and earns repeat business from the industry's most
discerning legal professionals.
This document showcases recent feedback from our clients.
legal collaboration software
Gain a deeper understanding of how the Opus 2
Magnum service enables legal teams to manage bundles
from anywhere and fully collaborate with
team members within the secure online workspace.
Opus 2 Magnum evidence management software
This document provides screenshots and highlights
of the most popular features and tools that are provided
within the Opus 2 Magnum workspace.
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This in-depth brochure addresses the security,
software and feature enhancements that make
Opus 2 Forum the deal room of the future.
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Brochure 1
Learn more about the Consecutive Interpretation,
Simultaneous Interpretation and translation services available
to Opus 2 clients engaged in legal proceedings in the
United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong.
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