About Us

Opus 2 provides litigation and court reporting services from locations on three continents. Our international presence combined with our deposition management center in San Francisco, California enables us to support our clients around the world, around the clock.

All our operational offices provide full international deposition services, including videography and interpretation. They also service international arbitrations; our Dubai office is mainly concerned with construction disputes, while Paris and Hong Kong deal with international trade matters. In addition, the London office extensively services High Court trials and public inquiries, and our New York office supports transatlantic matters and clients along the eastern seaboard of the United States.


Opus 2 International was established in response to growing client demand for a return to the service levels that only a boutique firm can provide. We meet this demand by applying the in-depth knowledge of our team and our reputation for understanding each individual client's needs. With over 30 years' experience in the industry and a history of litigation technology innovation and professionalism in all aspects of court reporting, we are uniquely qualified to fully respond to our clients' needs.


Opus 2 International was founded in 2008 by Graham Smith-Bernal, the founder of Smith Bernal International and the original creator of the legal market's ground-breaking LiveNote* software. Having sold his namesake venture, Smith Bernal International, to WordWave (now Merrill Corporation) in 1998, Mr. Smith-Bernal focused on developing LiveNote software and helping it to become the most widely-used litigation support software of any kind prior to selling the company to Thomson Reuters in 2006.

Following a brief retirement to his estate in Umbria, Italy, Smith-Bernal returned to the market to conceive his second great work, Opus 2, which has garnered worldwide media coverage for its new approach to litigation services for lawyers, mediators, arbitrators and judges.


Today, the company delivers its flagship Opus 2 Magnum™ service as well as sophisticated verbatim transcription services to the largest and most complex litigations in the world. Opus 2 International is the only worldwide legal services company that blends sophisticated "cloud" technology with court reporting excellence to modernize evidence management during high-stakes matters across the globe - including litigation, arbitration hearings and government inquiries.


Being independent, we are able to provide a bespoke service for each matter, drawing on a team of specialists to ensure that you get the right combination of technology and services for your case. Our "signature" is delivering a solution that is tailor-made for a specific case or legal team.


Opus 2 International is headquartered in London, just 500 meters from The Royal Courts of Justice, The Rolls Building, and the International Dispute Resolution Centre, and offers regional offices and production centers in San Francisco, New York, Dubai, Denver, Edinburgh and Singapore.

*LiveNote® is now known as Westlaw® Case Notebook™ (Transcripts) and is the property of Thomson Reuters.