State-of-the-art Case Analysis Software &
Premier International Deposition Services

The US-division of Opus 2 International delivers a revolutionary new approach to transcript and key document management as well as sophisticated court reporting services for US depositions abroad. We are experts in capturing testimony and uniting it with key litigation content -- no matter where in the world your cases take you.


Facts & Chronology Tool

Opus 2 Magnum is the first platform to enable users to manage key documents, transcripts and fact chronologies side-by-side. Create custom facts & chrons or import from 3rd-party tools.

Case Analysis Software Buyer’s Guide

Industry analyst David Houlihan profiles a litigation boutique, large law firm and corporate legal department as they each research and purchase new software.

Client Testimonials

Find out what 40 Opus 2 clients have to say about their use of Opus 2 technology and their experiences working with our professionals.

In Search of a Tool for Collaboration

Litigation Management Consultant, Catherine McPherson, discusses the drivers behind her firm’s decision to use Opus 2 Magnum software.

Modern Transcript Software

Opus 2 Magnum is the only modern transcript management platform that manages documents, transcripts and facts in a single, well-appointed and simplified private-cloud workspace.

Yellow Pages Paperless Trial

The parties in the Global Yellow Pages Limited vs Promedia Pte Ltd trial in the Singapore Supreme Court successfully conducted a paperless hearing using Opus 2 Magnum.